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Wedding and Vacation Highlights

Yay!  My little brother is married starting a new life with my lovely new sister in law.  We took a mini vacation and Rach and Lorin came down a couple days before the wedding to hang out and drive up to Rohnert Park with us.  Here are the highlights of the week:

Wed- James, the girls, and I went to the Wild Animal Park.  It was a great day- beautiful weather, a baby cheetah, and lots of laughs.  Oh, and a really scary bird that wanted to eat us AND our lunch.


This picture is complements of the Rachy Rach

Thur- We grabbed some sandwiches and went to the beach.  There we were all sitting in a row- sun on our faces, wind in our hair, sandwiches in our hand and a seagull swooped over my head and snatched my entire sandwich out of my hand and flew away.  Thank you Rach for sharing part of your sandwich with me! 

Complements of Rachy Rach

Later that afternoon we headed back to our house for a yummy BBQ and a big game of scattergories.  I got food poisoning from my turkey burger, but we had lots of fun and laughs regardless.   I still think ornery spider should have been counted as an insect starting with “o.”

Fri- We got up super early and drove 8 hours to Kevin and Cherie’s.  “Groove is in the Heart” came on the radio and Lorin announces- “oh, I love oldies!”  Lorin almost got left behind.

That evening we had a relaxing BBQ with Dad and Peggy and some of Kevin’s friends I haven’t seen in a long time.  Then we drove another hour to Ronhert Park and dropped the girls off at their hotel (no cornflakes there!) and then went to our very beautiful hotel and crashed.

Sat- Mom and I made wedding favors with Cherie, DeBi, and Cherie’s mom and grandma while James had lunch with my grandparents and Skip.  Later that night we all met for the rehearsal dinner and got to hang out with the rest of the families and wedding party.  Kevin gave a wonderful speech thanking us all from coming that got everyone just a little teary eyed.


Sun- Wedding day!   James and I ordered room service and watched the KC game while eating a late breakfast.  Then I spent the day taking pictures of Cherie and her two best friends while they got ready for the wedding.  I had so much fun hanging out with Cherie and getting to know her friends!  James, Kevin, my dad, and the rest of the guys went to the bowling alley to watch the Seahawk game while the girls were getting ready.  I’m not sure why, but some of these photos just don’t want to stay centered….


This picture is complements of my love.



 The wedding was outside at a beautiful golf course at 6pm just as the weather cooled down to the perfect temperature. 

Complements of the Rachy Rach

I did not take my camera because I wanted to make sure I enjoyed the moments rather than try to capture them all, if that makes any sense.  Cherie was gorgeous and Kevin looked so handsome in his tux.

Complements of the Rachy Rach

As she started to walk down Kevin got this huge smile and then looked like he was going to pass out.  It was so cute to see him so giddy and in love.   The reception was beautiful and fun.  Grandma and I got our own dinner plates and little cakes because of our food allergies.   We had good food, a great time with friends and family, and I got to see my dad, Kevin, and Cherie boogie all night long.  One of the most beautiful weddings I’ve been to- 2nd only to our wedding of course!  The following pictures are from CJC Photography.




Moving update- part 4


We found out why having the oven on would immediately throw me into an asthma attack- there was toxic oven cleaner inside that hadn’t been cleaned out!  My chiropractor was the one who suggested we thoroughly check out the inside to make sure there wasn’t any melted plastic or something else toxic inside.  I tried to open the oven twice and both times I got really sharp chest pains.  So, James cleaned the oven, I was ordered to keep my head out of it.

We also found that at one time (hopefully not anymore) rats or mice lived in our attic and chewed through the wiring.  We have an electrician coming out on tues to fix it. 

The ants keep marching 1 million by 1 billion it seems- apparently this part of San Diego is one giant ant hill and everyone is having problems.  We talked to a lady in a grocery store and she said she finally gave up and now she and the ants just co-exist.  We haven’t reached the point of defeat yet, but I am grateful that if we are going to overrun with insects that they are ants!

We also have learned that RB has the UGLIEST spiders we have EVER seen.  They even gross James out, and that says a lot.  The last one I killed made a crunching noise so loud I actually jumped and then wanted to vomit, lol. 

The most exciting news we have is that we got new carpet!  Yay!  I wasn’t here when they put the carpet down- didn’t think it would be a good idea to be around all the dust and fumes.  I was so glad I wasn’t here because James said they found a few mouse droppings under the carpet.  How do you get mouse droppings UNDER the carpet???

I came home right before they were finished.  James had put the cats in the bathroom until they finished our bedroom, then he moved them in there.  I came home and hung out in there with the cats while the workers finished up.  Its so funny how even cats have the same gender differences that people do.  When I walked in, Malakai greeted me, meowed once or twice and let me know there was some strange activity going on outside the door.  When he saw that I wasnt upset about it, he went back into the closet where he had made himself a little man cave.  Pepper, however, ran over to me and began chattering for the next 15 min as if she had been waiting ALL day to tell someone about how her day had gone.  When the workers left and we opened the door, Malakai went slowly from room to room carefully inspecting every room corner to corner and when we was finished he found James and began to “help” him move the furniture back in.  Pepper on the other hand ran from room to room to quickly make sure everything was ok and then came back to me to report what she had seen.

It was AMAZING how much the new carpet lifted our moods.  Neither of us felt at home here- I wish I had taken before and after pictures. it was really disgusting- I wouldn’t walk around without shoes or sit on the floor.  James couldnt ever relax.  Now it looks less like a dirty warehouse and more like a home.

The carpet, however, did not have any mold in it and I am still really sick.  I’ve completely lost my appetite and when I do eat, I have digestive problems.  I’ve been noticing I’ve been having some trouble with my memory and concentration.  My asthma is still pretty bad and my muscles are really sore and achy.  I’ve been having headaches (and sometimes migraines) and sore throats.  My body feels heavy all the time- like someone loaded my clothes with bricks.  I’m always tired and my eyes feel heavy but I have trouble falling asleep but then when I do, I cant wake up.  Before when I left the house I would immediately feel better.  It seems the longer we’ve been here, the longer it takes for me to feel better when I leave.  Now it takes a few hours and even then I don’t  feel all that great.  James is starting to have some asthma symptoms too and he doesnt even have asthma.  The cats are lethargic and congested and Malakai seems to be afraid of his food dish.  I have to coax him to eat.  Pepper eats a few bites and is finished- she seems to be losing weight.  Our property manager has been very hesitant about doing a mold test but in my research I started finding that certain toxic molds can have long term side effects- like brain damage, permanent memory loss, reproductive problems, hearing loss, respiratory problems, etc., so we decided just to get a mold test on our own.  It was expensive but we just couldn’t live like this anymore.  Plus our health could be at stake.

Moving update- part 3

Here’s a quick update on what’s been going on, and then hopefully this week sometime, I’m going to post a blog with information on mold- like symptoms, testing, prevention, where to find info, etc in case this happens to any of you.  It’s been a nightmare!

The electrician came by early this week and replaced all our plugs, so no more fire hazards- YAY! Just a funny side note, all the workers who have come out here in the last couple weeks have been cat people- and they’ve all been men.  Every time I tell them that if the cats start bothering them, l can lock them in the bedroom and every time they tell me to please not lock away the kitties and then most of them made a comment on how beautiful Pepper is. 

I *think* the ant traps are finally working.  YAY!

We got a new washer and dryer this weekend.  Yay!  No more laundry mats.  Double Yay!

We’re supposed to be getting new carpet in next week.  YAY!!!  No one has confirmed an appointment with us yet.  BOO!

On a health update- my asthma and symptoms are getting much worse.  In the past, its been kind of as stretch to even say I had asthma because it was well controlled and I only had to use my rescue inhaler a couple times a year- and usually just because I felt uncomfortable.  I might have an attack once a year or so.  Its SO bad now that I dont even sleep at night.  I have trouble falling asleep because I’m coughing and wake myself up coughing once I do fall asleep.  I have trouble holding a conversation in our house because I start coughing and feel winded even just from talking.  My doctor has put me on a twice daily med that will hopefully help but it will take about a week to start working. 

I’ve also started developing other symptoms like sore throat, stomach cramps, a burning sensation in my stomach, loss of appetite (I actually have to force food down me when I’m home and it usually just ends up being toast.  We’ve started eating dinner in the car.  Today I got up started moving around the house, went in the bathroom and found my face broken out in hives around my mouth.  They disappeared about 15 min after leaving the house.  I know it wasnt a food allergy because I hadn’t eaten anything yet.

James has started having digestive issues and a scratchy throat.  Malakai is lethargic and sounds congested.  Pepper is sneezing up a storm and is congested.  She made some really strange noises last night too… sort of similar to a human trying to clear mucus out of their throat.  Please continue to pray for our health.  Especially James’s- I work from home but his job is much more physical.

We did a couple of air tests last week and there is mold in the house.  We still haven’t found where- I’m guessing the carpet.  Hoping and praying its just in the carpet and not in the walls. 

Please pray for GREAT discernment on what to do next.  We are beyond broke and can’t afford to move again.  I don’t want to cause trouble for the landlords- they are already paying out a small fortune for all the work that has been done, but at the same time, I want to make sure this is handled right so that the mold is removed and our stuff gets cleaned.   It is certainly not healthy for us to be here under these conditions.  😦  I know God will provide and I know He knows all that is going on and how its going to end but I am really struggling (health wise) while I wait.  Also, we know He can’t possibly want us to live this way, but we’re not seeing the reason behind all of this.

On a whole different topic, I found a line of products that make dairy items with coconut milk!  No soy or lactose!  We found the yogurt at Vons- it expired that day but I took a chance and got it- sadly in actuality it expired a little earlier so I didn’t get to enjoy it.  But… tonight we found mint chip ice cream!  I haven’t tried it yet but I’m excited!  Yay for the little gifts in life.