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Health update

Some of you have been asking how all the health stuff has been going.  We are doing much better, thank you!  James is doing great, kitties still aren’t quite themselves but seem a little better, and a lot of my symptoms have started to go away.  I started physical therapy for my back again and my physical therapist has an interesting theory.  Obviously, a lot of my headaches and migraines are from the accident, but she thinks my sinus pressure may be also.  I noticed one day that when she poked around certain places in my neck that my sinus pressure would increase.  Not long after my accident (also the same time we figured the mold started growing) I started getting the worst sinus pressure of my life- in the beginning of winter!  It got so bad that the bridge of my nose actually became swollen and bruised.  Since she said that might be a possibility, I’ve been paying closer attention and it seems that when I have bad neck pain, it’s usually followed by increased sinus pressure a few days later.  If this is true, it would totally explain why the Claritin wasn’t working and my allergy test came out negative!