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How to Get Your Fat Cat Off the Couch

This post is for anyone out there who has a “big-boned” kitty who gets bored easily but can’t seem to entertain himself AND is motivated mostly by food and praise. 


Ok, so maybe I’m the only one with a cat like this? 

I think this was a gift from dad and Peggy so I don’t know where it came from but I’m sure you can find something similar at any pet store: 


We’ve had it for a while.  I had previously tried putting treats, food, and catnip (not at the same time, of course) in there but neither cat wanted anything to do with it so I put it in their toy box and forgot about it.  

About a month ago James came home with new kitty treat that we had never bought before.  I was skeptical because we had been buying the same treats for quite a while and both kitties liked them.  But, as soon as we opened the package the cats went completely nuts.  I don’t think I’ve seen them both this excited over the same thing ever.  A few days later I remembered the toy and tried putting one of the new treats in there.  I did not take into account how smart both Pepper and Malakai are. 

Pepper was TO’d.  She knew that treats do not belong in toys and since she really doesn’t care that much about eating, gave me a dirty look and went to bed. 

Angry Faced Pepper

Malakai peered inside and tried to stick his nose in the hole.  When that didn’t work he carefully moved the ball side to side with his paw, sniffed carefully around the ball to see if it came out, then peered back inside and went through the whole process again.  And then a lightbulb came on.  He placed his little nose under the ball and started rolling it across the floor with his face, sniffing and rolling at the same time.  A much more efficient use of his time!  It took him about 1/2 hour but he got it out.  He was pretty darn proud of himself and I was sure that I finally had something to occupy his attention when he got bored and picked on Pepper.  I tried it again the next day.  He got it out in 10 min.  Next time I gave it to him, he got it out in 3 min. Sigh. 

Notice the deep concentration...


Now I go through the treats and try to find one that is too big to fit through the hole and one that will come out but should take him awhile.  It only takes about 10 min to get the semi difficult one out but incredibly, he can still get the impossible ones out (although it does take him about 3-5 days).  The easier one is great motivation for him to work on the other one though and he gets out of bed a few times a day now to try. 


Engagement Party

Last weekend James and I went up to LA for a college friend’s engagement party.  I was really excited because it had been several years since I had seen most of these girls.  

We had such a great time catching up and reminiscing about old times and even did a traditional candle passing for Tricia.  I was a little afraid that James might be bored since he didn’t know anyone there but he got a kick out of hearing all of our old college stories.   On our way home he told me that he was really glad that he came.

So excited to see more old friends at Jenn and Nelson’s wedding next weekend!