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We Struck Gold!

Well . . . not really. ūüôā But we did go visit an old gold mine for our anniversary and it was so much fun!¬† BTW our anniversary was months ago. I’m just behind between the holidays and some recent computer technical difficulties. I am glad to be back to photo editing again!

We visited Julian for our first anniversary and decided it was only fitting that we go back for our 5th. If you haven’t been, Julian is this adorable old mining town that is widely famous for their award-winning¬†apple pie. We like the town because it reminds us of where we grew up. They are close to the same size.

Anyway, this time we decided to go visit the old mine. They actually let you go in! A couple of brothers own the property and have been giving tours for years. It was pretty neat.

A tour bus of senior citizens arrived as we got there so we jumped in with their group. They were hilarious and such troopers. The mine was not easy to get around in and it was dusty and really dark.

We got about (what I perceived¬†as) halfway in, when the tour guide told us that there were several floors of tunnels above us, and several floors of tunnels below us and that we were going to be going up to the next floor. I don’t usually get claustrophobic, but I’m not going to lie—I was starting to feel a little anxious in that small space with all those people, and began to wonder what we would do if there was an earthquake.

Old Mining Equipment

Blacksmith's Corner

We climbed up some very narrow and steep steps to the next floor and the tour guide shared with us that back when the mine was being used, they didn’t have electricity in there. The miners used candles and since candles were expensive, they mostly worked in the dark and only lit them when they really needed too. Then he turned out the lights so we could see how dark it got in the mine. It was super cool, but a little freaky at the same time. One of the older gentlemen behind us shouted. “Don’t touch me there!” Funny guy.

Next, the tour guide lit a candle so we could see how much light it put off. Not very much.

After we got out of the mine, we were shown how to pan for gold.

And we got to see the equipment that crushes the rock and learned how the minerals were separated.

If you are in the area and are interested in mining history, we definitely recommend this tour!

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My Hubby is so Handy

I¬†spent some time gardening and pruning the plants last weekend. First of all, it still amazes me that’s warm enough in January to even be out in the garden, but especially to still have one! Our flower pots are still in bloom and we have a yellow pepper that is ready to eat. The tomato plants have several flowers on them.¬†We also have¬†a few¬†strawberries starting to grow. This is exciting since our strawberry plants didn’t produce a dang thing over the summer! Maybe I should just plan on a winter garden next year. ūüėģ¬† For the expert gardeners out there—if the tomatoes, peppers, and strawberries make it all the way to spring, can I leave them or do I need to dig them out and plant new ones?

As I was doing the gardening, I remembered that I never posted photos of the beautiful wooden planters James made me for Valentines Day last year! Here is our patio with the wonderful planters he built:

He sure is handy. I think I’ll keep him. ūüėČ

And for those of you who might want to build your own planters—once he built them he¬†painted the outside with a sealer and covered the inside with tar.

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I Love Clearance Sales!

I’ve been looking for some new serving platters for quite some time,¬†but haven’t found the right ones for the right price yet. Today I was poking around the Christmas clearance section at Albertsons and found this beautiful platter for $5.99!¬† Can you believe it?! $5.99!¬†I looked for some matching pieces but they had all been snatched up. Oh well, I still think it was a great find.

The photos are from my cell phone and don’t do it justice, but I am one happy camper. Now I just have to find a cupboard it will fit into . . . ūüôā