"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding." Proverbs 3:5

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Homemade Lemon-Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Last week I was doing some research for Molly and came across a neat Lemon-Green Tea Sugar Scrub that she used in her  newsletter about lemons. I just ran out of my exfoliation scrub so I decided to try to make this one. It was so easy and works AMAZINGLY! I tend to get dry skin and this made my skin feel so soft and smooth. You should go make some right now! Here is how I made it: (Note: I changed the recipe a bit, but you can find the link to the original one in Molly’s newsletter.)


1 1/4 cup sugar
3 tablespoons Epsom salt
10 teaspoons olive oil
2 teaspoons honey
4 green tea bags
1 large lemon to zest
1/4-1/2 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon


1. Zest your lemon and set it aside.

2. Mix the sugar and Epsom salt together in a large bowl.

3. Open up your green tea bags and add in the loose tea.

4. Next, stir in the olive oil, mix in the honey, and then sprinkle the lemon juice evenly over the mixture and mix together thoroughly. If the lemon juice causes the mixture to clump, just pinch the clumps apart and spread out evenly. (Note: Be sure to do it in this order. The olive oil will help the honey slide right out of the spoon.)

5. Add the lemon zest last and mix again.

Store the scrub in an airtight container and enjoy! I don’t think I’ll buy any kind of exfoliator ever again. This stuff is amazing and it’s so easy to make!

Free Compliments!

I just found a neat poster on the Econobusters website that they found on the Kind Over Matter blog. What a fun idea! I printed it out this morning and put it on our fridge so when friends come over they can take a complement home and give it to someone else. I’ve also been thinking about where in our community I can hang one of these up at. Maybe at the grocery store or our mailbox?  What do you think? And who you are you going to complement today? 🙂

The Surprise in My Shoe

Pepper left me a gift on my most favorite pair of flip-flops this weekend. She’s left presents on James’shoes before too. I’m not sure why she has started doing this. Silly kitty.

This Week – June 12th 2011

I’m stealing this idea from a friend. Well, not her answers, just the questions. 🙂 Thanks Claire!

WHAT I’M READING: Just my bible at the moment. I should probably do more reading.

WHAT I’M WATCHING: Lately we’ve been watching AGT. We also like anything on HGTV, particularly Sarah’s House.

WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: Miranda Lambert. I always thought she might be a little too redneck for me, but it turns out she’s just the right amount. And like her voice.

WHAT I’M WEARING: Running pants and a T-shirt. I feel pretty lucky be able to wear that to work.

WHAT I’M EATING: Broccoli. Well, I eat other things too, but we are trying to add more fruits and veggies and less junk into our diet.

WHAT I’M ENJOYING: Music concerts. San Diego has a lot of cool music in the summer and we’ve always said that we were going to go and never have. This summer we are making a point to do it. So far we’ve been to jazz, country, and next is Christian rock!


♪♫♪‘Cause I know you like the back of my hand.
Got a heart of gold and a piece of land.
I’m your girl and you’re my man.
nd we’re makin’ plans . . . ♫♪♫

~Makin’ Plans by Miranda Lambert

Old Traditions, New Traditions

Every year, for as long as I can remember, my whole family from my mom’s side has met in Seattle for a Mariners’ game. It’s one of my favorite family traditions. Besides being a mini-family reunion, there is just something special about the Mariners and going to the ballpark as a kid. I had the privilege of watching Jr., Randy, Edgar, Joey, Buhner, A-Rod, Lou and the rest of Seattle’s baseball greats way back even when they were in the Kingdome. Oh, and Dave Niehaus was there too. In my opinion, the only sound sweeter than the crack of the bat, was Dave yelling “My Oh My!”

If you’ve never been to a game in Seattle, you really should go! Maybe I’m a bit biased since I grew up there . . . I mean,  haven’t been to too many other stadiums, but I can say that the experience doesn’t compare to the ones I have been to. The fans do the wave at every game. And it doesn’t just fizzle out after one time around. It goes around at least 3 times strong, and even longer if they are winning. The crowd is loud and Seattle fans are loyal. You don’t see a lot of people sporting jersey’s from the opposing team. They go to the games even if they have a losing season. And who doesn’t love a big, happy, Moose?  In case your still not convinced . . . they have a retractable roof and the Mariners were born the same year that I was. Coincidence? I think not. Oh, and they have Ichiro. Enough said.

I’m not really a fan of rap, but this is nice tribute to Dave and the Mariners. I love the line that says “My city, my city, childhood, my life, watching Griffey right under those lights.”

Now that we live in San Diego, I’m not able to go to the family baseball games anymore, and I was a lot more sad about it than I expected. Plus, the only Seattle games televised here are the ones against the Padres (3 games here and 3 games in Seattle) and a few preseason ones since they train in Peoria with the Pads. Since I can’t go home for the game, we’ve started our own tradition of watching the Mariners when they come here. And since we can’t be with our family, we usually go with someone from our small group, our church family.  That’s how we are turning old traditions into new ones!

This year, we were blessed to go to two games! I felt like a little kid, I was so excited! At the friday night game, we went with friends and sat on the Mariner side in left field. Several other people we knew were there that night too. I guess everyone loves the Mariners! 😉 Mariners win 4-1.

Us with the Becks

This was taken with a cell phone, so it doesn’t do it justice, but this was one of the best fireworks displays I have ever seen!

A friend of mine gets Padre tickets through his work and was so sweet to give us his tickets to Saturday night’s game since he knew I liked the Mariners. The seats were AMAZING. 2nd row, off first base. I could have leaned over the wall and grabbed infield dirt and thrown it at the ump if I wanted to, we were that close. The guys next to us heckled James for marrying a Mariners fan, but that’s ok. I got the last laugh. Mariners won 4-0.

Our view

My love

I’m thankful that the Mariners come here each year and that we are able to go see them play. It makes being away from home a little bit easier!

Sometimes You Just Have to Improvise . . .

When you want to take a nap, but you don’t have a pillow  . . .  use your back foot!

A life lesson by Pepper. 

Pepper’s Gift

The other night James came home from work and I hear “To-nay! Toooo-nay!” (for some reason, when he is yelling to me from another room my name gets changed from Toni to Tonay.) “WHAT did you do that for?”

Me: “Do what?” I yell back.

James: “Did you do this?”

Me: “Did I do WHAT?” Now I’m trying to remember what I could have possibly done during the day that would make him so perplexed.

So, I get up and go into the bedroom to find this:

Pepper likes to give her toys to me as a gift. If you have an outdoor kitty you have probably found dead birds or mice on your doorstep. Our cats don’t go outdoors so she brings toys, which is perfectly fine with me. Each morning, she puts one on the bedroom floor for me while I’m sleeping, and sometimes during the day she will bring one to my office as a trade so I will get up and make her some lunch. She has never done this before though. James must have done something pretty special for her. These are two of her most favorite toys!

We’re a 12th Man Family

Yesterday was National Dress Up Your Pet Day, today is National Hat Day,
and tomorrow the Seahawks are playing another playoff game.

We are celebrating all three occasions at our house this weekend! 

Good luck Seattle! 🙂


A Perfect Match!

James loves Coke and I love flip-flops.  It’s like they made this just for us! 🙂

25 Things

I’ve never blogged before so I’ll just start with how I named the title of my blog.  I love flip-flops and luckily I live in a place where its warm enough to wear them almost all year round.  My husband doesn’t believe they are real shoes but I disagree. 

I recently filled this out somewhere else, so I’ll post it here too so you know a little about myself:


25 Random Things About Me


1. When I see God working in my husband, I feel closer to them both.

2. I am most relaxed when I have a camera in my hand–and when I open Photoshop hours will go by and it only feels like minutes.

3. We try to go to Fallbrook every couple months–they have the best little cafe full of friendly people and tasty pies.  And it reminds me of home.

4. I  love football season and I’m sad it’s almost over.

5. I might be a packrat. I might also say might when I really am what I might be saying.

6. I don’t really like the mall, so I shop for clothes online whenever possible.

7. I love flip-flops and Christmas decorations and it can become a huge problem.

8. I’m a rule follower.

9. It gives me great satisfaction to cross things off lists. So much that sometimes I secretly add things I’ve already done just so I can cross it off. I don’t care if you think that makes me weird.

10. I might become “the cat lady” when I’m old, but I won’t be the only one . . . you know who you are!

11.  I saw/heard a pride of lions roar last month and it was AMAZING!

12. I can say “I’m a potato” in German.

13. I love the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking, coffee brewing, and jasmine.  But not all at the same time, of course.

14. Although I try to eat healthy, you will never catch me buying organic food. My dad is a crop duster and pesticides put food on our table.  (ha ha, no pun intended)

15. Stupid things make me laugh.

16. I love Pinochle. Its not just for older folks.

17. If its 72 or below I’m probably cold.

18. I get bouts of insomnia.

19. My husband is my best friend and high school sweetheart but it took 10 years apart (and a lot of mercy and patience from God) before we were both in the right place to get married.

20. I’ve decided to start making cards instead of buying them.  I’m sorry in advance.

21. “You’ve Got Mail” is one of the only movies I can watch over and over and has become my “comfort” movie.

22. I’m allergic to lettuce.

23. Kristy Yamaguchi is my Michael Jordan, but I don’t like to ice skate–only watch.  Mostly because I dont like to be cold and I don’t like to fall down.

24. I love animal planet, the zoo, pet stores, and watching birds off our back patio. I’m really just fascinated by all living creatures with the exception of spiders, cockroaches, and worms.

25. I need chocolate to live.