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Candy Cane Candle Holder

A few weeks ago I found this Candy Cane Vase tutorial.  I thought it was such a cute idea but our cats will eat anything that resembles a plant or flower.  And yes, I do mean anything. That means real, plastic, and cloth plants too.  So, I didn’t see the point in making it since we could never use it.  A few nights ago I was cleaning up after dinner and was about to throw an olive can into the recycling when I realized that it was the perfect size for the miniature candy canes and decided to make a candle holder!

Isn’t this cute?  I had originally planned to use tealights or votives but James pointed out that the jar candle would look nice.  We just happened to have two jar candles and two olive cans so all I needed to purchase were the candy canes.  I hot glued the candy canes to the cans and then James sprayed them with sealant so they wouldn’t get sticky.  They were quick and easy to make and the best part is that I only spent a little over $1 each on them!

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Christmas Traditions

At small group a couple of weeks ago we talked about our family’s Christmas traditions and I thought that I would share them here too. My two most favorite traditions were started by each of my grandmothers. 

As soon as Kevin and I were old enough, Grandma Jones would pick out an age appropriate craft for each of us.  Kev spent Sat afternoons with her and I would spend Sun afternoons with her.  We would make the craft for each member in our family.  It gave us some great quality time with grandma and it allowed us, as children, to give gifts that we made (mostly) on our own.  I remember feeling so grown up when I put the gifts we made under the tree.  Now, I cherish the memories and the time that we spent together making them.

Every year since we were born, Grandma Brown has given each of us grandkids a Christmas ornament.  She started that tradition so that when we grew up and moved out on our own we would already have ornaments for our tree.  Now every year when I decorate the tree, each ornament has a memory or year tied to it that I remember as we decorate.  It’s so special to me and I hope that if James and I have children someday, that our parents will do the same!

Here are the ornaments grandma gave us this year:

James says: "I guess I'm the one with the goatee?" 🙂


What are some of your Christmas traditions?