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Hey Molly Fans!

Ever wonder what Molly Green’s voice from Econobusters sounds like? Now you can find out! 🙂

Listen to her free seminars on Super Storage Solutions and Frugal Entertaining Options on her new YouTube Channel.

More frugal fun to come!


More Free Stuff and How to Find It

I meant to write this blog way back in Oct. or Nov. but time got away from me.  I have been finding all kinds of great deals and things for FREE and wanted to share with you!  Unfortunately, most of these things are not available now, but there is more out there.  You just have a little time and patience and know where to look! 

Here are a few of things we’ve acquired for free or for super cheap over the last couple months:

  • Coupon for a free box of pasta (manufacturer’s coupon)
  • Coupon for a free bottle of Advil (manufacturer’s coupon)
  • Free eye shadow, liner, and mascara sample from Sephora.  (Birthday present for signing up on their mailing list.  GOOD sized samples too!)
  • Free granola bars, full-sized (I cant remember what brand or where from.  James ate them too fast!)
  • Free 1 year subscription to Martha Stewart Living
  • Coupon for a free hand sanitizer Pen (CVS mailing list)
  • Free face mask (from redeeming our CVS extra care bucks)
  • Free remote control car (CVS extra care bucks) I used this as a topper for a cake I made James.  Now he uses it to chase Malakai away from Pepper’s food.
  • Free Starbucks drink, any size and any drink I wanted (birthday present for registering my gift card.)
  • Free Starbucks flavored via (Walmart, I think.  It came with several packets!)
  • Free sample of Starbucks Vanilla Fusion (Starbucks website?)
  • Free Renuzit air freshener (Manufacturer’s coupon or Facebook)
  • Free 3 month subscription to a wood working magazine
  • Free 3 month subscription to Family Circle
  • Free milkshake at Arby’s
  • Free ice cream at Cold Stone
  • Free Blockbuster rental
  • Anxious for Nothing: God’s Cure for the Cares of Your Soul By John MacArthur
  • Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrand  (James really liked this one and you can get it here.)  
  • Free travel pillow from Sleep Number (Facebook) I was especially excited about this. I have been wanting to get a travel pillow to support my neck on long car rides.
  • We also have full year magazine subscriptions to ESPN, Outdoor Photography, and Better Homes and Garden for only $3-4/year each!
  • $1 Flip-Flops at Old Navy 

I’m sure there is more but I can’t remember the rest.  I tried to list where I found each of the deals, if I could remember. It’s been awhile on some of those!  A few came directly from the manufacturer’s websites when you sign up for their newsletter and others from when you “like” them on Facebook.  I’m sure your thinking- but who has time to look at all those websites every day?  That’s the cool thing about it.  There are tons of blogs and Facebook sites that do the work for you.  All you have to do is subscribe to their newsletters or become their friend on Facebook and then you only have to spend 10 or 15 minutes a day checking a few sites to get tons of great deals! Some of my favorites are Molly Green, Econobusters, The Frugal Girls, and Thrifty Homemaker.

Enjoy! 🙂

Attention Frugalistas!

Guess what? Molly Green over at Econobusters has re-vamped her Money-Saving Digest for 2011 and wants to share the new look by offering the January issue, Molly Saves in the Office! at no charge. That’s right, she’s giving it away for FREE during the month of January!  Hop on over and check it out! Just visit http://www.Econobusters.com and sign up for her free weekly newsletter on the yellow “sticky note” in the upper right corner of the blog. Your welcome letter will include a download link for the January Digest as well as a free Menu Planning E-Book by Sherri Graham. Enjoy! 🙂



Happy Birthday Statue of Liberty!

We’re having a huge sale over at Econobusters.com to celebrate the Statue of Liberty’s birthday that I thought you might want to pass along to your friends. You can read all about it HERE. All of our Molly Members (and anyone who subscribes before midnight Oct. 29) will have access to over $50 in money-saving resources on the 28th and 29th. Check out this link to see a listing of the free resources. They will also receive our current Money-Saving Digest, Socks, Suds and Savings, and the October freebies that are a regular part of our membership as well. Not only that, our November Digest, Preparing Our Hearts and Homes for the Holidays, will be available in their Member Pages for download on November first. Members can cancel at any time, without question, if they feel the membership does not meet their needs. For only $3.95, they can check it out for one month AND take advantage of all the free resources I just mentioned.

If you know of anyone who might enjoy this, please pass it on! 

How to Get FREE Gift Certificates!

Have you heard of Swagbucks? It’s a really cool site where you can earn points for FREE stuff! It’s super easy too. All you have to do is download and use their search bar when you are looking for stuff on the internet and they will randomly award you with Swagbucks. When you have enough, you can trade your bucks in for gift certificates, dvd’s, games, etc. It really is that simple. I’ll be quite honest though, their search engine isn’t as great as Google’s. So, I will usually search the Swagbucks bar and if I can’t find what I’m looking for I’ll run the same search in Google.

If you want to put more effort into it, you can also participate in surveys and daily polls, or shop online to earn more bucks. I usually just use the search bar and now I am really close to getting my hands on a $25 Macy’s gift card! Yay!

Sign up by copying and pasting this link into your browser http://swagbucks.com/refer/triggs114 and get 30 free swagbucks right off the bat.

Have fun! 🙂

Free Stuff in my Mailbox!

Here are some things I have gotten in the mail for FREE the last couple weeks. Yes, that is 1 year magazine subscription to Martha Stewart living! 🙂


I found most of this stuff on Molly Green’s FB page.  If you don’t have facebook, sign up for her free newsletter at econobusters.com.