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Our Super Bowl Menu

James and I love football. I mean, we really love it. And the Super Bowl is sort of like a 2nd Thanksgiving to us, except without the pressure to cook a big ham. We still end up over-doing it on the food though. This year’s spread was so good that we ended up snacking on it again for dinner last night so I thought I’d share it with you.

Canadian Bacon-Pineapple Pinwheels

James made these and they turned out delicious!  You can find the recipe here. He of course left out the garlic. For the dipping sauce we used tomato paste with a little bit of non-garlic Italian seasoning.  I am the luckiest girl alive, having a husband who loves to cook!

Chips and Two Types of Salsa

We had two types of salsa this year. A very tasty pineapple Mango Salsa we got from Ralph’s. This is the only garlic-free salsa we have ever been able to find. It’s pretty pricey but once you taste it you almost forget how much you paid. We also decided to venture out and make our own for the first time. James made an amazing Roasted Corn Salsa. He grilled the corn on the BBQ and then added the ingredients listed here. I don’t believe he followed the recipe exactly though- he just started adding things until it tasted how he wanted it. This was much less expensive than the Pineapple Mango and tasted so good that we will definitely be making it again. Maybe next time we’ll throw in a little pineapple!

Little Weenies with Sweet & Tangy BBQ Sauce 

1 pot on low-medium heat + 1 package of little weenies + 1 jar Sweet & Tangy BBQ sauce. Easy-peasy.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I used this recipe to get the ingredients, but in all honesty I didn’t follow it. I took a regular old spoon and scooped out a chunk of shortening and put it in the pan and then started mixing in chocolate chips until it looked like there was enough chocolate to cover all the strawberries. I found it helpful to alternate putting the heat on “2” and “low.” If I kept it on low for too long it started to get too thick and made it hard to cover the strawberries. But, if I kept it on 2 for too long it started to burn the chocolate.  Also, I didn’t have any styrofoam so I just layed them out on wax paper. The side they were laying on dried flat but it was ok. 

They don’t look all that pretty, but I have to say, they were really yummy. You should go make some right now!

Valentine M&M’s

James snuck these in without me seeing and now I can’t stop eating them. Help!

Fruit Tray

Complements of the Becks! 🙂 Mmmmm pineapple.

It was a super fun night, but I am a little sad that football season is over. Oh well. That just means that baseball is right around the corner! 🙂 Go Mariners!